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When running a business, having a strong capital structure is crucial. A firm needs capital at every stage of its development or maturity, whether for daily cash flow requirements, expanding a new business line, or acquiring new gear, equipment, or technology. A business loan may be a viable alternative when it comes to financing your business objectives.

You may obtain a business loan quickly and easily by following a simple procedure. Because this is an unsecured loan, no collateral is required. We acknowledge how integral it is for you to plan for your company’s growth and be prepared for any ups and downs. You can select a flexible loan payback term based on your predicted calculations and repayment capabilities.

A business loan is intended to meet your short-term company demands. It might be a great vehicle for boosting your business by injecting the necessary capital at the correct time.

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Business Loan - Eligibility

Any salaried, self-employed or professional Public and Privat companies, Government sector employees including Public Sector is eligible for a business loan.


Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: 60 years


Minimum Net Monthly Income: Rs 15,000

Credit Rating

Applicant should have the bank specified credit score.

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